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Earth1The windscreens and side glass that Furman produces for earthmoving equipment is of the highest quality.

Why should you choose Furman? 

  • We are the only local manufacturer of replacement glass, flat and curved toughened and laminated glass, for any type of earthmoving equipment.
  • We personally design, manufacture and fit all of our windscreens and glass, and our attention to detail is unmatched. We have an on-site fitment service for clients within the Gauteng area and near to Polokwane. Otherwise we can ship internationally.
  • All of our products are manufactured in South Africa with 100% local content.
  • We have a dedicated R&D facility that allows us to develop and test the latest technology in glass.
  • We are highly specialised dragline glass manufacturers.
  • We have developed heavy duty multi-laminated glass that can withstand blasting.

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