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Bus1The windscreens and side glass that Furman produces for Buses is of the highest quality. 

Why should you choose Furman? 

  • We personally design, manufacture and fit all of our windscreens and our attention to detail is unmatched. We have an on-site fitment service for clients within the Gauteng area and near to Polokwane. Otherwise we can ship nationally. 
  • One of our service offerings in the bus industry is that we do full fleet windscreen and side glass servicing. 
  •  All of our products are manufactured in South Africa with 100% local content. 
  • Our glass is specifically designed for South African weather and terrain conditions and is thus more likely to last than an internationally produced brand. 
  •  We design and manufacture complex curve large bus windows. Our windscreens are thicker and heavier duty than other competitors. One of the biggest benefits is that you are buying directly from the factory – no middle man!

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